The House Competencies

Danny Meyer, perhaps one of the most successful restaurateurs ever, once said "people come for the food, but they come back for the feeling" and we do him great justice.

The food and the surroundings are made complete by the people who go to work every day with a desire to give our guests an experience that exceeds their expectations, and we are proud of their competencies.



Among other things, we have several sommeliers employed in our server staff, who use their expertise to pair the right wine with each menu. We cultivate diversity in our restaurants and each place therefore has its own unique wine and beverage profile. Almanac and STUD!O have more traditional wines that cultivate the known flavours and grapes; while Mission has a broader and more experimental menu that suits the kitchen's playful style.

Our sommeliers are therefore an integral part of the house which works closely with the house chefs to meet that perfect match between the wine and the food.

Our chief sommelier, Lau Christian Thorn, tastes between 50-100 different wines a week to stay sharp and in-the-know on the ever-growing wine market. For him, it is important to have a large back catalogue of wines so that he can best meet the wishes of the guests and find the wine that highlights the taste of the plate. “I see beauty in many different wines — both the biodynamic and the conventional. Personally, I think it is naive not to take a stand on both. Therefore, as a guest at The Standard, you will experience a unique and specially selected wine selection.”






In the well-stocked bars of the house, our bartenders experiment with the development of cocktails. We excel both in the classics, but at the same time try to offer tastes and compositions that are more experimental. We also like to challenge the well-known with homemade flavours and home-infused alcohols.


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